Contemporary Designer Silvino Lopez Tovar Enters the World of Jewelry Making

silver jewelry preciousI have been fortunate to know contemporary designer Silvino Lopez Tovar for a number of years and have always been impressed by his work. He is not only a visionary, but has the ability to express his feelings and emotions in a concise and simple way.

His strong lines and his ability to execute crisp and intense designs make him a contemporary jewelry designer to contend with and collect. I wanted him to share his views not only on jewelry design but also as a contemporary designer. We sat together and had a stimulating conversation were he answer some of my questions.

As a contemporary designer, what is your point of view in regards to jewelry design? 

Jewelry deign has become biased by the many commercial fashion brands available in the market. Today, it is important to decide between selling high quality manufacturing and design, or selling pieces that may use more economical materials and a more commercial style of design, in other words sell your work wholesale.

I believe jewelry should be bold yet elegant and refined, there may be shapes and styles that not all people may like, but once they try it on, they can see that good design makes them look more elegant and your countenance changes for the better.

Today there are really wonderful designs innovators, as designers our task is to innovate, for that they pay us to envision the future, either new or proposed forms of new materials.

When you are creating a new piece, what is your source of inspiration?

Perhaps nature, when I see a bug I think of all that perfection which they have as living beings. Although they may seem repugnant to many people, if they look carefully, many items are worthy of inspiration, their shapes, sometimes metallic colors, their function through the perfect articulation of their joints, their lightness, and how they are they are production in series, because they are all the same within their species.

Of course, when I use a part inspired by an insect, I give it my own interpretation. This is also the case with a flower or a tree. Each object must have its own visual motion. My family is also a constant and strong source of motivation and inspiration.